Our Story



From the very beginning, family is what has driven American Foam & Fabric to succeed! In 1980, Ed realized that he wanted to put his five children through private school. So, he opened a retail fabric store in Greenville, SC.


Lessons Learned

During the 1980s, the textile industry in South Carolina was booming and Ed slowly realized the value of purchasing and reselling textile closeouts. He would go from factory to factory and buy textile closeouts and seconds and take them to as many retail & upholstery shops that could be reached within a day’s drive.


Adapting to Change

But by the end of the 1980s, the bottom had fallen out of the market and at 42 years of age, Ed was faced with the challenge of creating new avenues towards success. One day, he got his chance to start a new career. An investment from a trusted partner led Ed to purchase a laminator, which he used to start pairing fabric and foam, specifically for the aftermarket and OEM match-up for sunroof installers.


Elusive Success

It was a long, hard road to growth. Ed and his employees used to high-five whenever they did a thousand yards in a day; at the time, that was an enormous number. Sometimes he would sleep in his truck, because he couldn’t afford a hotel room.


Turning Point

Then, Ed’s last child graduated from college and he was slowly able to take everything that he had learned in business and combine them with the many relationships he had built over the years to transform American Foam & Fabric into an incredible success story.


Success Built on Relationships

Ed’s passion for creating, building, and sustaining relationships has formed the core of American Foam & Fabric’s success. When they first opened their doors, AFF was one of seven businesses in the textile automotive headliner aftermarket. Today, AFF is basically the only one still standing! All of AFF’s continued growth has flowed from Ed’s dedication to both his customers and employees.

Our Team

Deric Nutter

Phone: 864-509-0050 ext. 248
Email: deric@americanfoamco.com

Cory Childers

Vice President of Operations
Phone: 864-509-0050
Email: cory@americanfoamco.com

Carolina Trauger

Accounting Manager
Phone: 864-509-0050 ext. 231
Email: carolina@americanfoamco.com

Anita Bhagani

Office Manager/International Customer Service
Phone: 864-509-0050 ext. 227
Email: anita@americanfoamco.com

Ryan Cassella

Project Manager
Phone: 864-509-0050
Email: ryan@americanfoamco.com

Angela Forbes

Customer Service
Phone: 864-509-0050 ext. 236
Email: angela@americanfoamco.com

Natalie Hopkins

Customer Service Representative
Phone: 864-509-0050 ext. 247
Email: natalie@americanfoamco.com

Brooke Kay

Phone: 864-509-0050 ext. 220
Email: brooke@americanfoamco.com

Mark Priestley

Inventory Control Manager
Phone: 864-509-0050
Email: mark@americanfoamco.com

Mario Useche

Production Manager
Phone: 864-509-0050
Email: mario@americanfoamco.com

Alan Lundy

Receiving Manager
Phone: 864-509-0050
Email: alan@americanfoamco.com

John Miller

Shipping Manager
Phone: 864-509-0050
Email: john@americanfoamco.com

BJ Mauney

Foam Manager
Phone: 864-509-0050
Email: bj@americanfoamco.com

Kevin Kimmons

Facegoods Specialist
Phone: 864-509-0050
Email: kevink@americanfoamco.com