A&E Thread

A&E thread from American Foam & Fabric is used for practically any type of fabric, as well as vinyl finished product. A&E thread is anefil bonded, and is available in 4 oz. or 8 oz. spools. Comes in M-Sided and G-Sided bobbins.

White THN4-30001
Glace Brown THN4-34048
Orange THN4-34081
Beige THN4-34099
Shade THN4-34140
Tan THN4-34264
Orange THN4-34370
Class Green THN4-34811
Red THN4-35048
Lt. Magenta THN4-35308
Brown THN4-35557
Smoke Gray THN4-35573
Beige THN4-36030
Sand THN4-36188
New Gray THN4-36195
Scarlet THN4-36241
Purple THN4-36279
Neon Green THN4-36289
Deer THN4-36293
Neon Yellow THN4-36731
Teal THN4-36911
Fl. Cerise THN4-36999
Black THN4-56033
Yale Blue THN4-67007
Cub THN4-67050
Ficelle THN4-67054