American Foam & Fabric’s Arcadia line of high-UV outdoor fabric provides the ultimate in lasting durability for all your outdoor umbrellas, furniture and more. Composed of 100% solution dyed polyester, it is rated for 1,000 hours of lightfastness. Its polyurethane coating is water-repellent for extra durability. With 600D x 600D denier textured yarn, it weighs 7 oz. per square yard, comes in 60” width and has a density of warp 45 x weft 31 per square inch.

Arcadia 5-Year Limited Warranty:
This limited warranty protects the original purchaser should the fabric become unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, and atmospheric chemicals. The limited warranty coverage period is five years from the date of original installation. This limited warranty covers the fabric only. This limited warranty is valid with proof of purchase from the original purchaser. This limited warranty does not cover normal fabric care and cleaning; damage from misuse, abuse, or improper installation; or costs associated with replacement of the fabric, including labor and installation.

Black FA-ARC01
White FA-ARC02
Beige FA-ARC03
Toast FA-ARC04
Taupe FA-ARC05
Gray FA-ARC06
Dark Gray FA-ARC07
Ocean Blue FA-ARC08
Marine Blue FA-ARC09
Navy FA-ARC10
Green FA-ARC11
Burgundy FA-ARC12
Red FA-ARC13
Teal FA-ARC14
Yellow FA-ARC15