Our Freedom headliner is offered in ⅛” thickness, and is flame-laminated to prime foam (a mixture of polyester and polyether) to ensure a firm, lasting bond.

Black HLW155918
Lt. Quartz HLW191318
Graphite HLW200118
Lt. Neutral HLW200218
Lt. Neutral HLW203718
Med. Graphite HLW207618
Redford Shale HLW209318
Med. Prarie Tan HLW213718
Med. Dk. Pewter HLW214018
Gray HLW216418
Ivory Toyota Empire HLW216618
Lt. Graphite HLW217318
Lt. Oak HLW218318
Bluish Gray HLW220618
Mild Beige HLW220718
Clear Gray HLW220918
New Ivory HLW221718
Lt. Beige HLW222018
Lt. Parchment HLW222418
Dawn Gray HLW222618
Med. Charcoal HLW224518
Lt. Gray HLW225118
Lt. Beige HLW225218
Med. Graphite Rhonby HLW226118
Lt. Natural Beige HLW226418
Toyota Gray HLW229118
Remaining Swatches 229218-248318
Opal Gray HLW229218
Lt. Neutral Winchester HLW229318
Lt. Gray HLW229418
Black Ink Prismatic HLW230018
Lt. Parchment Prismatic HLW230318
Dove Gray HLW232518
Lt. Graystone HLW233018
Providence Lt. Gray HLW233418
Lt. Neutral HLW233518
Clear Gray HLW234018
Opal Gray Providence HLW234918
Ebony HLW235018
Lt. Cashmere HLW236318
Aura Pearl HLW237818
Lt. Titanium HLW241218
Shale HLW241318
Atlas Gray HLW248318