We have discontinued our United line in 2018. We have many colors still in stock. Please call our office for item availability and discount pricing. ┬áIt is offered in 3/16″ thickness, 60″ wide and is sold in 60-yard rolls.


Black HLPH1559
White HLPH1600
Burgundy HLPH1654
Claret HLPH1666
Maple HLPH1714
Quicksilver HLPH1747
Dk. Charcoal HLPH1753
Saddle HLPH1755
Charcoal HLPH1769
Sand Grey HLPH1784
Briar Brown HLPH1787
Canyon Red HLPH1805
Oxford White HLPH1807
Oxford Grey HLPH1808
Med. Dk. Grey HLPH1810
Med. Dk. Grey HLPH1810X
Navy blue HLPH1830
Smoke HLPH1853
Garnet HLPH1855
Shadow Blue HLPH1871
Scarlet HLPH1872
Lt. Sandlewood HLPH1874
Dk. Sapphite HLPH1879
Cognac HLPH1885
Titanium HLPH1891
Bordeaux HLPH1902
Lt. Charcoal HLPH1904
Lt. Bucksin HLPH1912
Bisque HLPH1926
Lt. Titanium HLPH1927
Ebony HLPH1928
Smoke HLPH1955
Med. Camel HLPH1956
Slate Blue HLPH1968
Dk. Sand HLPH1971
Dk. Ruby HLPH1998
Med. Opal HLPH2000
Graphite HLPH2001
Lt. Neutral HLPH2002
Lt. Beige HLPH2004
Med. Grey HLPH2005
Lt. Grey HLPH2006
Med. Beige HLPH2007
Lt. Driftwood HLPH2013
Grey HLPH2021
Lt. Biscuit HLPH2032
Lt. Natural HLPH2037
Oak HLPH2040
Saddle HLPH2055
Lt. Opal HLPH2058
Clear Grey HLPH2209
Med. Graphite HLPH2076
Med. Neutral HLPH2081
Opalene HLPH2095
Rubylene HLPH2096
Cypress HLPH2117
Natural beige HLPH2126
Med. Prairie Tan HLPH2137
Med. Dk. Pewter HLPH2140
Shale HLPH2144
Mild Beige HLPH2207
Quartz HLPH2208
Clear Grey HLPH2209
Med. Charcoal HLPH2245
Lt. Grey HLPH2334
Opal Grey HLPH2349
Ebony HLPH2350
Lt. Cashmere HLPH2363
Shale HLPH2413